• Who is this Qualification designed for?
    This course is recommended for Individuals involved in the production of UCFM regulated products & other high risk or related products. This unit will lead towards a qualification that is nationally recognised and is essential for all manufacturers. Participants will need to demonstrate how to develop and apply UCFM principles and demonstrate skills needed to comply with Safe manufacturing practices.

  • This unit deals with the competencies required to develop and manage a quality assurance program.

  • Welcome to your Smallgoods on-line area.

    Over the next months of your profession you will gain many skills and learn many new concepts.

    To track these developments you are required to start your journal.

    Next you can work through the activities at this level to assist in the development of your skills and knowledge.

    Good luck with your studies!

  • Undertake skills and knowledge development in Meat Retail at trade level. Complete the 6 compulsory core plus 9 compulsory technical units for level I , complete the 10 compulsory core plus 1 optional technical unit for level II, complete the 14 compulsory technical plus 2 optional technical units for level III.

  • For Meat industry staff who are involved with maintaining food safety of meat and meat products.

  • A boning skills development course

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